Cahroba; A New way to Connect

Reduce Bandwidth Consumption and increase connection Speed

Increase internet connection speed

Cahroba increases response speed and network access. By accessing the global Internet connection, this product will make your access to information faster. in organizations and companies that have more Internet users, This Approach will more effectively and tangibly increase the satisfaction of individuals.

Reduce Internet spending

One of the fixed costs for companies and organizations is the Internet subscription. A tangible reduction in data consumption will have a direct impact on consumption and, as a result, a reduction in current costs. Amber helps you not pay extra for the Internet and spend your money on your organization better.

Receive analytical and statistical reports of data

One of the most important benefits of Amber is the ability to monitor data and obtain statistical and content analysis of it. A sufficient view of the data exchanged is important for organizations and large corporations in choosing the right path and policies to achieve greater productivity and success.

  • AI-based architecture for optimizing cache operation
  • High power in detecting and refining incoming requests
  • Cache memory enhancement
  • Failure to disturb the Internet provider
  • Full support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Ability to add redundant memory.
  • No Need of installing any application nor plugin to users’ device
  • Delivered systems pre-configured and pre-tested
  • Ability to implement HTTP, HTTPS protocols
  • Ability to run transparently or using a network layer (Route Mode)
  • Possibility to exempt part of network traffic or internet domains
  • Full support for the HHTP Range

  • Video Streaming Support
  • Developed with the most up-to-date algorithms and methods in software knowledge
  • Ability to move or remove the process of Internet access (no need for settings)
  • Professional support team, fast and efficient
  • Scalability with clustering


Cahroba’s services are provided in two sections. The first part is for the companies and organizations that are willing to reduce Internet costs and increase their speed and the second part is Provided for the Internet companies to provide better services to their customers.


One of Cahroba’s applications is for home users. The more people who use an internet service, the better Cahroba will act on that Network.


Use Cahroba in companies and organizations that have large number of users and Numerous use of the Internet, and The result will be significant. amount of savings in current costs will be saved and the speed of Internet access will increase dramatically.


The main attraction of Cahroba is improving the quality of providing services to Internet users on a large scale. Hence, Internet providers are one of Cahroba’s main customers.

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We are Proud of What We're Doing

Cahroba is a product of Bonyan Rayan Samaneh Company. We believe in what we do. in Bonyan, We Design and Build Innovative and efficient responses to the issues and needs of a broader range of businesses and public Internet users.  The underlying products come from the real needs of companies, organizations and users.